What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a healing mode using the aroma of essential oils for their therapeutic properties.

Essential oils are pure, natural, aromatic essences extracted from plants, trees, roots etc for healing and beauty. The healing properties of essential oils come from their smell and their natural compounds. The smell of essential oils affects our psychology, emotions, cognition, mood, behaviour and body systems (muscular, nervous, digestive, skin, respiratory system etc). Essential oils enhance the body's ability to heal itself.
The quality of essential oils is paramount to their healing effects. They should be pure, natural, whole and authentic, of reputable and ethical source, and fresh. Most oils have a couple of years’ shelf life, with the exception of citrus oils and pine, which last 9-12 months, and wood oils that last lonoger.

To preserve the quality and shelf life, the oils should be kept in airtight, dark bottles, in a dark, dry, cool place. Light, heat, air and moisture cause deterioration.

Do NOT use essential oils as follows:

 Essential oils should not be taken by mouth. They should be kept away from eyes and children.
 Essential oils can catch fire easily; keep them away from a naked flame.
 Essential oils are very concentrated and powerful. Use them in low dilution.
 Do not use the same oil on a daily basis for a prolonged period.
 No essential oils should be used in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
 In the case of medical supervision, ask the GP for approval.
 Essential oils should not be used on epileptic people.
 In the case of homeopathic remedies, seek the practitoner's approval.
 Some people may have allergic reactions to some oils.

How to use essential oils for massage

Put one teaspoon (5 ml) of vegetable oil in a saucer. Add 1-2 drop of the chosen essential oils. Rub the oil on your hands over the saucer and apply to the area to be massaged.

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